The most important aspect of any design, of course, is making sure that the design solution meets the client’s needs and expectations. JST Architects bring a broad base of knowledge, experience and services to funeral directors and cemeterians across the country.


The extensive funeral home and cemetery experience of JST allows for expedited design solutions for the client vs. traditional and time-consuming “hit and miss” methods of design problem-solving.  Each solution is programmed exclusively for the needs of the client.

The architectural design staff of JST is comprised of licensed architects, interns, CAD technicians and construction administrators.  Our experienced architectural staff excels in taking a project from conception, preliminary design, zoning, bidding, and construction all the way through building occupancy and start-up operation.  We are well versed in sensitive environmental issues, difficult building code and permitting requirements, as well as designing additions and renovations for historic facilities.

Greendwood Rememberence


The interior design staff of JST Interiors understands how a funeral home functions and the unique performance characteristics required of the funeral home interior finishes and furnishings.  The designer listens to your specific needs and plans a complete interior design program that meets your budget and schedule.  The interior design staff provides full design services from the initial layout of the furniture plan to selecting all colors, materials and furniture styles.  Our staff places all furniture orders, tracks delivery schedules and oversees the final installation.


Our mausoleum design team has the ability to investigate all the options for a unique and cost-effective design.  This approach provides the client with maximum flexibility and control in order for the project scope to be clearly defined.  The ability to either bid or negotiate construction contracts enables our clients to explore alternatives to the design/build process.  Our creative solutions for mausoleum and columbarium design provide project options which yield maximum value and return on the investment.  Many of our funeral home clients have asked for mausoleum designs to complement their funeral homes or existing buildings on their cemeteries.

Providing interior design services also ensures complete integration of design elements and coordination with the architecture of the building.


Cemetery Planning

JST Architects brings together a team of cemetery planners with the specialized skills and experience to help maximize your existing land resources as well as create future developments. We understand the forces affecting the death care industry today and can respond creatively to help you plan the future development of your cemetery.

A cemetery’s underdeveloped land areas are its most valuable natural and economic resource.  Whether large or small, all of these can have significant value to the inventory capacity and the marketability of the cemetery when carefully planned and developed.  New forces in the marketplace are shaping how these land resources need to be planned.

JST Architects has years of experience and knowledge from our work with private and public cemetery owners across the country.  We can manage the procurements of site survey, geotechnical and traffic information, as needed to facilitate the planning process.  Our staff is skilled at assisting our clients through difficult zoning, public review and agency approval processes. 

JST Architects has the unique ability to provide comprehensive design services to cemetery planning including the design of cemetery architecture of funeral homes, mausoleum buildings, columbarium structures and crematory facilities.  We also provide design of architectural elements such as entrances and features, landscape design, etc., in order to insure integrated cemetery design and implementation.

Headstones in a cemetary

Architectural Imaging

JST Architects offers a wide range of Architectural Imaging services to produce professional presentation materials and equip the client with powerful marketing tools.  Our capabilities can assist the client in the entire design process.  These services can help with conceptual design, design analysis and development, planning, marketing, communication of the design to investors, partners and zoning committees, and a pre-leasing or selling campaign before construction ever begins.

JST’s Architectural Imaging services include 3D architectural renderings and animations, photomontages, and digital imaging services, including color site plans, master plans, and elevations.  All of these services can be utilized in an array of media, including large presentation boards, presentation booklets, digital presentation software, website material, videotapes, CDs, and DVDs.